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Amazing.... [Sep. 25th, 2006|01:34 pm]
[Current Mood |lazylazy]
[Current Music |The sounds of the old library computer lab]

It's so strange how it's only been 2 weeks since I've updated, yet so much has gone on since then. New experiences, new good friends, a new relationship? :) (Well, maybe not so new, but you know.) Good times. I'm just sitting here waiting to go to class in about an hour and 15 minutes, so I thought I'd ramble for awhile.

First things first, I'm finally a legal alcoholic. :p j/k. But the birthday this weekend was a blast. We started out with some margaritas at El Patio, where I was already a little buzzed by the time we left. The headed over to the Pioneer (haha, Kristin would be proud) for some shots and darts. My aim was just baaaad, though I somehow managed to get a bulls eyes toward the end of the evening. We just hung out and chatted for a bit, then CJ Michelle showed up with the cutest little bottle of pucker for me that I've ever seen. Took some goofy pictures, and headed over to Brothers for my free mug. I thought it would take much, much longer for me to want to dance, but I was already wanting to go to She-Nans. (dance floor & "whore box", which actually just turned out to be a podium for a bunch of people to get on) So we waited for Russ to show up, took a T-bomb, and headed over to She-Nans. Some other drinks I had were a sex on the beach, my tequila sunrise (love it!), and I think a rum & coke, plus sipping on whatever everyone else was having. No beer though, I went for things that actually taste good, no offense to beer lovers. As you can imagine, by the time I hit the dance floor, I was sufficiently drunk. Sherry and I got on the dance floor right away, and it took us, oh... .05 seconds to get up on that whore box. I'm pretty sure I was alone up there for awhile though too. It was relatively early, so thankfully the place wasn't crowded when I finally hit my drunken climax and fell on the dance floor. So we went to sit down and get some water, had a fun little ice war where I thought my money disintegrated because half of those ice cubes went down my shirt (wtf was up with that shirt anyways? way too low!), and got back up on the dance floor. It's a shame John and Lindsey went to bed early because that's where the pictures stopped, but we danced up on the box for 2 more hours or so. it was nice not to drink in that last 2 hours because I was fine after that, and I'm proud to say I remember most of the evening! Except for those drunken phone calls I made that I found out about the next day. But oh well, it's all part of the package. So thanks to everyone for coming out, especially the boys of Chancellors 506! (not 505, right Leigh? :p) The night ended with me crashing on their futon at about 5 am. Best night ever! And I can't wait to go back to She-Nans and dance!

Wow, that was one hell of a ramble about my birthday. The next day wasn't too bad, just a slight headache and I didn't puke. I'm starting to think I have a system of steel or something when it comes to that. I woke up at 10, and then slept some more from 2-4 or so and felt fine after that. But not fine enough to do homework apparently, because I'm still extremely behind in a few classes! I could have done some last night, I suppose, but I decided to go upstairs and enjoy my ice cream cake instead. (Thanks Cale, you're a sweetie!) So yes, nothing was done til about 2am.

Backtracking a little bit, the trip to the U.P. was a blast! I didn't know I had it in me to do about 24 hours of labor, but it felt so amazing to help a community, even if it wasn't your own. We helped the salvation army re-organize their store, cleaned up a costume/storage room in a church we stayed at overnight, made some cards for a local nursing home, helped re-do a room at a social services house for homeless boys, cleaned up a beach by the Lake Superior shore, and raked/seeded a huge yard at Camp Baycliff in Big Bay. What a gorgeous place. I fell in love with Lake Superior, which I suppose is a good thing, since I'm heading up to Duluth next Sunday with Cale to see it for the first time! :) (Duluth, not Superior. Wow, my sentence structure is making me cringe today) But yes, should be a blast! Too bad it's a whole week away. :(

Also, no plans on Halloween yet! I was thinking Madison for awhile, but I'm not feeling the drunken riots so much anymore. Perhaps the cities? It doesn't seem like too many people here go out for Halloween, but I have an awesome costume and damnit, I want to use it! So if anyone has any plans, let me know :)

Alright, I suppose I should go and get something done, or go back to job hunting. It's incredibly frustrating to see 1+ years experience for every advertising job I come across. especially when I have only half of that completed. There's been some internship offers I can look into, such as Clear Channel or the FCC (I know, I know.. I can't imagine myself at either one of those places either :p), but I gotta do something, I guess. At this rate, I'm really thinking about staying in EC at least for the spring after I graduate and doing another internship along with work. Plus that means I don't have to leave my friends quiet yet. And if the whole relationship thing goes well, I'm really not going to want to leave. Some hard choices are coming up, and I've really been trying to not think about them, but eventually the time will come because this semester seems to be just flying by. It's already almost October! Wow.

Well... I'm out!
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Still updating! [Sep. 22nd, 2006|02:35 pm]
Hey guys,

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still keeping this thing up. I've just been a nice combo of lazy and busy lately, but I will update next week for sure. :)
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school and other random ramblings [Sep. 11th, 2006|02:53 am]
[Current Location |el chancellors]
[Current Mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[Current Music |some emo crap on MTV2]

Before I start, yes it's September 11th and no one is supposed to think about anything besides the terrorist attacks, right? Wrong. It happened, and it's really sad, but dwelling on it every year is exactly what the terrorists want. (haha, now I'm starting to sound like Bush) Sorry, in other words, I sympathize with everyone directly affected by this tragic day, but that's all the time I want to spend thinking about it.

So in other (considerably less important) news, school is well under way. Ethics is kind of crappy, but I have to tolerate it. The online quizzes are ridiculous. You could read a whole chapter and not get anything right because the questions are something like 'fill in this quote from the reading.' Whatevz, I don't have time for that, I'll take the C on your insignificant little quiz, thankyouverymuch. Ok, I suppose that's the senioritis speaking, I'll try harder on the next one. :p At least they're open book. I have that class and capstone tommorow. It would have been nice to sign up for the Wed night version of capstone (I guess it was just opened this semester because I don't remember having that option when I registered), but I missed the boat on that one since the section already had class. Oh well, 3 hour Monday nights with Won, here I come. :/

The weekend was kind of useless, but also pretty fun. Friday I went for a jog, then went to pick up a check with Sherry and headed over to Savers once we got paid (you know, that prostitution job we have going on the side, lol...) and bought a comfy pair of shorts. That night I went over to Amanda's for another "juice party", and had a little less "juice" this time since I was driving. (Yes, I'm a responsible drunk, thanks. :p) Saturday, sat around and didn't do much, started scrapbooking, then went up to Cale's apt. for a bit to watch hours upon hours of mindless reality shows with him, Dylan, and the gang. And today just watched some movies and did an impressive amount of homework. The next few weekends will be a blast though. Actually the next month or so. I've got: trip to the UP (Michigan), followed by my birthday, followed by a trip to Duluth (where I've never been before!), and then homecoming. So there will be lots of travelling and partying in the next month or so. I love college. :D

Alright, less rambling and more sleeping, I suppose. I'm thinking that I'm just going to untag this from facebook because not everyone is interested in my exciting life. (What a shame :p) So in the future, if you want to read updates, just click on the link in my 'websites' section on there.

p.s.- In celebrity gossip, Taylor Hanson and his wife just had their 3rd child, River. (May he grow up to be as hot as River Phoenix but actually live long enough to relish in it) Good for them, but the next baby better be a new CD.
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Last semester so far [Sep. 6th, 2006|01:26 am]
[Current Location |chancellors room]
[Current Mood |boredbored]
[Current Music |none]

I know you guys (what, all 2 of you that probably read this? :p) think that I've been slacking off on updating this thing like I do with every other journal I start, but I've just really been busy from the second I got here. It's been a total blast though, and it's nice to just be here, away from family and in the company of friends. Especially because I feel that any tension from last semester is no longer there with certain people, and that just makes my time here amazing and care-free. :) I suppose I could just ramble on ADD-style the whole time, but I'll break up my week into days/categories.

Friday: I was the first to move in out of all my roomates (minus Laura who lived here all summer), and that was nice to just get here and carry all my crap up to my room and get it unpacked. I had a lot less stuff than last semester, shockingly. (Though more clothing than ever, of course.) Cale helped me move in and we went grocery shopping, at which point we probably made the biggest mistake of our lives buying a bottle of wine. So we unloaded the groceries and went up to his place to make dinner. Bruce and Matt came home, and the next thing we knew, the glass of wine turned into a bottle. It was fun for awhile, but the after-effects... uhhh, yeah, no more wine for a long ass time. :p

Sat: Surprisingly, I didn't wake up with a massive hangover, and managed to get out of bed relatively early, around 10. Bummed around for a bit, then my dad and uncle came with Rachel to bring up the rest of my junk (once again, not much) and set up my computer. I went to lunch with them, then mini-golfing and grocery shopping with Andrew. 10 hours later (haha, j/k andrew..but close!), that was done. I don't remember what I did that night, but I promise it didn't involve alcohol, I just have a bad memory. :p

Sun: Decided to actually get some exercise and took a walk to Walgreens to buy some random stuff, had a circle K meeting then went to dinner with the girls, followed by Amanda's house to watch Escanaba (in celebration of the Yooper trip coming up in a few weeks. :p). Either that film really sucked, or I was too busy falling asleep from the best drink ever invented (by us!) called Eskimo due to something stupid I said. (Nothing new, right? :p) It's malibu rum, orange creme V8 smoothie blend, and a little bit of cranberry. Goes down like water, mmm! Definitely will be one of my birthday drinks. :) Then I came back, saw a few people I haven't seen all summer, and ended up at Cale's place watching Super Troopers with his intoxicated roomates who knew every line before it was coming. :p

Mon: Holy crap, that was yesterday and I hardly remember! I did some random boring stuff in the morning, went to a Chancellors picnic (snuck Andrew in, though it seemed like half the people there didn't live in our building, lol), and caught up with more people I haven't seen all summer. It was really nice actually. :) Had a boring hall meeting, then went to Target to buy a mirror. Exciting, huh?

Roomates in general: All my roomates are really, really nice and I'm excited to be living with them! (Sorry Rootch, I still miss you!) Jill is pretty quiet but nice, Laura is a sweetheart, and Talia just seems like a really fun person. We haven't hung out much but spent some time talking in the apt. yesterday. No bad vibes or anything. :) And Laura decorated our apartment beautifully!

Classes so far: Well, I started today kind of anxious, thinking Tarique (Soc prof) would be pissed at me for not getting ahold of him earlier about meeting with him, even though he never replied to my email all weekend. So I get out of bed and get ready around 9, head down to campus, and go to his office. This is a (sadly typical) conversation with Tarique:
Me: Hey Tarique, I'm still TA-ing for you, right?
Tarique: (Imagine a strong Pakistani accent) Uhmm.. TA? Oh yes..yes!
Me: *sighs to self and mumbles 'shit'* so, uhh.. do you need me to come to class with you today and introduce myself? Will I need office hours?
Tarique: Well, we decided (we? him and his many personalities) that it would be better if you just came in to present a few times during the semester, and not come to class. So how about I email you around November?
Me: ... you mean I don't have to show up? At all?
Tarique: Nope, just do presentations.
Me: Well would you mind sending me the syllabus, so that I can present on something relevant to the particular topic?
Tarique: *scratches head over big words* Uhmm.. yes, I send it. But it's ok, you present on anything you want.
Me: In sociology?
Tarique: Nope, just anything! Maybe something in your major, or.. anything!
Me: O...k.
*Yelena walks away a happy camper with realization that her earliest classes ever are at 12:30 p.m. TR. Sweet ass and pralines!*

So then I killed some time by reading a Glamour/Cosmo in the bookstore and went to creative writing. Bruce Taylor seems interesting... different, in that Minnesota tone way. :p But he's not too bad, the assignments are really fun. Though I might neglect you guys a little now that I have to really keep a nightly journal. But if I come up with anything fun in there, I'll be sure to transcribe.

Lastly, I went to my Race & Ethnicity class. I have that with Leigh, so it was nice to see her again, and just to have someone in the class to chat with. Jeremy Hein seems cool and I think he'll be really into me (ew, no, not like that) because he's Jewish (VERY Jewish, as in talks about it non-stop Jewish) and his area of interest is immigration. So I think I already have brownie points just by...being. Which is pretty damn awesome.

Tommorow I only have ethics, and then no capstone til Monday, woohoo! Alright, I have definitely typed enough. Peace out.
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The countdown [Aug. 30th, 2006|07:08 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

Hooray for being done with serving for at least a month! (Maybe for good, who knows?) And hooray for procrastination when I should be packing!

TEN Things Within Arms Reach

1. cellphone
2. rubber band
3. glass of water
4. car keys
5. trashcan
6. purse
7. lamp
8. clear nail polish
9. the computer
10. 5 lb weights

NINE People You've Talked To Within The Past Four Days

1. Holly
2. Jenny
3. Marc
4. Andrew
5. Cale
6. Teresa
7. Dad
8. Hannah
9. Rachel

EIGHT Songs You Love

1. "Walking in Memphis" ~ Marc Cohn
2. "Name"~ Goo Goo Dolls
3. "Clouds" ~Marty Casey & Lovehammers
4. "Leave" ~Matchbox 20
5. "Annabel" ~Pat McGee Band
6. "Song to Sing" ~Hanson
7. "Afterglow" ~Vanessa Carlton
8. "Sexyback" ~ Justin Timberlake (had to get a guilty pleasure in there :p)

SEVEN Websites In Your History

1. My school e-mail
2. Yahoo
3. Facebook
4. Myspace
5. LJ
6. A message board
7. Waiter-rant

SIX Bands/Artists You Consider Your Favorite

1. Hanson
2. Marty Casey & The Lovehammers
3. Matchbox 20
4. Vanessa Carlton
5. U2
6. Holly Peters :)

FIVE Card Games You Can Think of Right Off the Top of Your Head

1. Blckjack
2. Poker
3. War
4. Uno? lol
5. Go Fish

FOUR Television Shows You Watch Regularly

1. Project Runway
2. Survivor
3. The Apprentice
4. Who Wants to be a Millionaire

THREE Foods/Drinks You've Consumed Today

1. Diet Coke
2. Sausage link
3. Wheat toast

TWO Musical Instruments You Love The Sound Of

1. Accoustic guitar
2. Piano

ONE Wish

1. World peace (oh yeah, and a career :p)
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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2006|05:20 pm]
[Current Location |my room]
[Current Mood |accomplished]
[Current Music |How's It Going to Be - Third Eye Blind]

Do you ever just stop and think about how long it takes you to sit there and think up a title for your blog entries? You have to wonder if yours are too boring, too stupid, too something..whatever. I hate subject lines almost as much as I hate people who blog just to try and sound witty/smart. Anyways...

I just finished going through all the random boxes/folders in my room to decide what I'm actually taking to school and what can be thrown out. lol, no idea how I've gathered so much crap. But I feel like I've made some improvement and Thurs isn't going to be quite as exhausting now.

So lets say there's a guy that you barely know, but are really interested in from afar. And he makes a post saying how much it sucks to not be in a relationship and that he's lonely. Do you send him a message saying you'd like to get to know him better and take the risk of acting like a creepy stalker? Or do you just hope the stars align somehow and he takes notice? Or do you do nothing?

Anyways, I should go get ready and figure out what I want to do with friends tonight. I have this strange hankering to go to a really cheesy skating rink, but somehow I don't think they'd be down. :p Oh well, I guess it will just be good to see people before I leave.
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drained and dizzy [Aug. 28th, 2006|04:04 pm]
[Current Location |mi casa]
[Current Mood |soresore]
[Current Music |watching 'who wants to be a millionaire?']

I feel old and burned-out on work to the point where it's ridiculous. Every muscle in my body is sore, and I'm suddenly wishing I was smart enough to sit on my ass in front of a computer all day and make money in some office. But then I remember how bored I'd be. Plus, where else would I encounter creepy molestors, cheating scumbags, and splenda bloated cunts on a daily basis? :/ Bitter waitress? I think so. Anyways, here's a survey to kill some time before.. you guessed it, work.


001. Spent the night with someone?: No
002. Drank untill your stomach hurt?: No
003. Laughed until you almost peed your pants?: No, not quite that hard :p
004. Vacation?: Roadtrip to Summerfest :)
005. Went to the movies?: Yeah, a bunch... go see Little Miss Sunshine!
006. Gone shopping?: Of course
007. Had a job?: *points up*
008. Gotten freakishly bored?: Yep
009. Gotten sun burned?: Not too badly
010. Made a bonfire?: No
011. Been outside during a lightning storm?: Yep
012. Been to another state?: Yep
013. Changed something about your appearance?: Trimmed my hair, lost maybe 3-4lbs, didn't get any taller :p
014. Gone on a road trip?: NO.
015. Had a g/f or b/f?: Kind of..dated someone for about a month
016. Kissed someone?: Yeah
017. Been to a concert?: YES!! :) Rob Thomas & Marty Casey/Lovehammers x 2!
018. Been in trouble with the cops/parents?: Got a speeding ticket
019. Had a memorable moment?: Definitely
020. Had a horrible moment?: Of course
021. Lied to your parents?: Only little white lies
022. Snuck out?: Don't have to
023. Gone skinny dipping?: No
024. Made new friends?: Yep :)
025. Lost old friends?: No
026. Missed a friend?: Yes, everyone in EC
027. Gone on vacation with no parents?: No
028. Slept under the stars?: No
029. Thought about school?: Yes
030. Been to the beach?: Yep
031. Eat fast food?: A few times
032. Talked about the government/war?: Not too much, talking about Bush puts me in a shitty mood
033. Stole something from a store?: No
034. Went out to a resturant with friends?: Yeah
035. Talked with someone over an hour on the phone?: lmao, I was on the phone with Holly for like 5 hours the other night. That, and super long conversations with Cale.
036. Woke up before 10 when you didnt have to?: haha, not really
037. Reunited with an old friend?: Yep
038. Thought about a special someone?: Yep
039. Hoped they thought about you too?: Of course
040. Can you look at summer without any regrets? Yes. :)
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Marty Party! [Aug. 25th, 2006|01:55 pm]
[Current Location |my room]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |This Town- Marty Casey & The Lovehammers]

So, the Lovehammers show last night was absolutely amazing, and I'm still on a high from it. And we totally had an awesome after-party. ;)

The day started with me worrying that Paula and Sherry were going to die driving here with the rain and tornado/flood warnings, but they made it here at about 6:30, and we headed out to the show pretty quick after that. There was a pretty size-able line, but the time passed pretty quickly and doors opened at 8. To our shock, we managed to just walk right up to the front row and hung out there til the show started. Paula got a few drinks to pass the time, while Sherry and I were just kind of being impatient. The opening band dudes were sitting on the side of the stage on their laptop, probably lj-ing. They looked pretty emo to me.

So the show started and the opening band, Treaty of Paris, were pretty decent. Nothing really stood out, but the lead singer looked just like a short, brunette Siggy. (Siggy, if you're reading this, you have a twin in Chicago!) No one was really snapping pics of them so I took two and refrained. I think they could tell that people were getting impatient for the Lovehammers and played a few songs less than they were supposed to. The Siggy-like lead singer gave me a hug at the end of the set for some reason, and I was not happy since he was pretty much drowning in sweat.

So about half an hour later, the Lovehammers finally started with 'This Town' (right Rootch?) I just have to say it was fucking surreal to see Marty right there in front of you, Summerfest suddenly didn't even compare. Not to get all teeny on you guys, but I just have to comment on the outfit. Though he wasn't wearing THE white pants (ha, we were just glad he wasn't in a poncho :p), he was decked out in these hot, tight black fringe pants that laced up. Holy shit, that was hot. Total pelvic line viewage throughout the entire show. :D Though apparently it wasn't the only line he decided to show us, since they were so low-cut that his ass-crack hung out for half the show. Can't say that didn't make us a little uncomfortable, but we learned to enjoy it too, and he really didn't seem to care. :p

After the show,we were planning on sticking around and trying to get a pic with him, but we didn't see a tourbus or anything exciting, so we decided to just go. I mean, after you see a man's ass and crotch, would a 'hello' really suffice?

So I'm tired of typing paragraphs, so I think I'll list off a bunch of highlights:

~Dino, for some odd reason, coming over from the other side of the stage and ruffling my hair during a song. That was the only time he did it and the only interaction he had the entire show was with me. I don't get it, but I'm going to assume that my hair just looked perfect and he felt the need to mess it up. ;)

~Marty totally putting me on the spot and making me sing part of a song lyric. While he's awesome from afar, I admit having him right in your face and so intense is a little frightening. But whatever, I loved it. :) Come to think of it, I was getting quite a bit of personal attention from the guys all night. Too bad we didn't get invited to their tourbus. (Not that they even had one that we saw, haha.) Oh well, our plan to do body shots off his sexy pelvic line will just have to wait til next tour. :(

~They played EVERYTHING I wanted to hear, and I mean everything. This included 'Clouds' *melts into a teenybopper puddle of goo*, 'Straight as an Arrow', 'Call of Distress', and completely amazing covers of 'Wish You Were Here' (Pink Floyd) and 'Paint it Black' (Rolling Stones)

~The drunk chick that came up onstage to dance and grope Marty's almost non-existant ass. "You're a beautiful man, Marty, and everyone thinks so..." and he's just like 'uh-huh..' hahaha, priceless.

~Basically everything he said up onstage was pretty hilarious. And his whole schpiel about the encore totally made sense, and kind of makes me realize that most other bands are pretentious fucks.

~Somehow still having a voice and my hearing. That's always good, and doesn't happen often after shows.

~The kickass afterparty we had with Marty at Perkins. ;) (pics up on facebook!)

Alright, so that's enough rambling about the show, and time to focus a little more on real life. I can't believe I'll be back at EC a week from now, but I'm thrilled. Time to get the hell out of this house. It sucks though, because I just called work and I'm scheduled between tommorow and Thurs, nonstop, so I have no clue when I'll pack, take my cousin out for a belated birthday dinner, fit in my facial appointment, get a renewed license, and have any sort of life at all. Oh well, I suppose I'll need the money if I'm not working til October.
*le sigh* Such is life, eh?
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Uhh...welcome to my life? [Aug. 24th, 2006|03:16 am]
[Current Mood |accomplished]
[Current Music |The Riddle - Marty Casey]

Alright, so Yelena finally decided to start a livejournal. (omgwtfbbq, right?) I'd be lying if I said that I was just inspired to start tonight out of nowhere, but it was facebook notes that finally kicked my ass into the highest gear of procrastination. I figure that with school starting soon, all the other features of facebook, plus myspace, plus all that crack I do, just weren't addicting enough. So alas, here I am.

Though I'm sure I'll have my fair share of squealing over random crap and emoing, I would like to use this journal to mainly rant and entertain. I never understood the point of keeping one of these things full of serious content, it's basically like airing your dirty laundry for your friends to see. (Or in facebook's case, your friends, distant relatives, middle and elementary school classmates, your neighbor's mom that still goes to college, etc...)

So for those that only slightly know me, or haven't heard from me in awhile, here is an update on my life:
I'm graduating in December, which means only 1 more semester at Eau Claire. Kind of a scary thought, but I think I'm ready. I'm going to be looking for work mainly in the cities, but also in the Milwaukee and Chicago area. My ultimate dream job is to be a tour manager for a huge band like U2 (ok, I'm lying, maybe just Hanson. :p), but I know musicians tend to be divas, which is why I choose to admire them from afar. A more realistic goal for me is to work at an ad agency on a creative team. I want to come up with the next big thing in tv commercials. Something to top the citibank or red stripe commercials. (hahaha) I believe in myself, and so should everyone else. I'm currently single and pretty happy about that, since I don't have the time or energy to waste on that pathetic gender we call males. (joking, I love you boys!) No, seriously, I turn 21 at the end of Sept., and I just want to go out, party, and have a blast this semester. Though if a relationship happens to bloom, you won't see me complaining. :) This semester, I'm looking forward to my creative writing class, working less, working out more, margaritas at El Patio on Monday nights after my long-ass advertising capstone, and having more time to volunteer with Circle K.

Anyways, that is all for now. Please comment anytime, because I'm an attention whore!

p.s.- I DO NOT want to go see 'Snakes on a Plane' with you. Not now, not ever. And this goes for anyone. Save your money on Little Miss Sunshine.
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